SOCIETY President Ross Garnett would be the last person to seek recognition for going above and beyond the call of duty for the local community.

At any rate, someone in the Society decided to nominate him for the 2018 Lord Mayor’s Australia Day Awards.

Ross says that it was a real surprise to receive an invitation to be present at Brisbane City Hall on Wednesday 24th January for the award announcements.

As it transpired, and to the delight of his family, Ross was the happy recipient of an Achievement Award which paid tribute to his 14 years’ service as president of the NFDHS.

As the Lord Mayor presented Ross with his plaque, particular mention was made of his work in ‘playing an integral role in [the society’s] growth as a warm and welcoming group dedicated to preserving and researching local history.’

In the time that Ross has been president, attendance at monthly meetings has increased and now often exceeds 100. While the committee and volunteers know how much behind-the-scenes work is needed to produce that kind of result (including Desley’s essential role), all would acknowledge the importance of Ross’s leadership in inspiring such a prodigious effort.

Ross Garnett with family

At the presentation at City Hall, Ross was joined by (from left) daughter Anita and wife Desley, as well as their guest homestay from Korea (right). Also pictured with the Lord Mayor and his wife was local councillor Vicki Howard (second from right).