Wool Valuing: Brief Memories of Eric Hauff, Wool Valuer and Auctioneer

In the forties, when I commenced work at “Primaries” there were nine wool brokers, or stock and station agents operating in Queensland:

Australian Estates
A.M.L & F (Australian Mercantile, Land & Finance)
Goldsbrough Mort
New Zealand Loan
Primaries (The Queensland Primary Producers’ Association)
Winchcombe Carson

Of the above agents, “Primaries” handled over one-quarter of the Queensland wool clip.

Wool was received into the […]


Oxlade Drive

The making of this street and its subsequent renaming was to end a long standing friendship.

The Pearl King, James Clark, bought land in the southern part of the peninsular where his pearl luggers used to tie up. It encompassed the area from the River to what is now Elystan Road, between Bowen Terrace and Turner […]


Brian remembers all in New Farm; a conversation September 2nd 2008

Brian arrived in New Farm in 1944 at the age of three years. His father was a telephone technician and his mother a central telegraph operator. Their work was essential for the war effort. After arriving in Brisbane they settled at Kedron but this was too far from the city to be convenient for shift […]


Donna Cameron and her New Farm Historical Landmark Home, Khandallah

In conversation, August 2010

Donna was the youngest child of Eileen and Gordon Neal. She had a sister, Allwyn who was 3 years older to her. The family originally owned a cattle property outside Charters Towers. It was during the days of the depression, and many people in Queensland sold their properties and moved towards the […]