WHAT a year! We have celebrated our 25 years with attendances of over 100 for most of the 10 meetings, four of them over 140!

We know that this area has a long and interesting history (by Queensland standards) and these attendances are proof of the interest in learning more about our past.

Our email distribution list has grown to almost 1000. We have a number of folk who attend every meeting and others who come because of their interest in the particular topic of the day. For our last meeting for 2019, we will remember a great man from the past, maybe New Farm’s most famous resident. What a pity his grand home was demolished before people were taking a keen interest in preserving these old and significant homes! We look forward to hearing about Sir Samuel Griffith from local resident Doug Drummond.

Our November meeting gives us all an opportunity to contribute to the lives of others who need support through our Empty Christmas Tree.

This year we will support the local organisation 3RD SPACE (previously called 139 Club).

Now it just remains for me to thank you for your support of the history of New Farm and Districts throughout 2019—with special thanks to the volunteers who help the afternoons to run so smoothly, thus facilitating a friendly and interesting afternoon for all. We are currently working on an interesting line-up of guest speakers for 2020.

Happy Christmas, everyone!


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