Amble past Kangaroo Point’s past

Putting an historical edge on a leisurely walk around Kangaroo Point will be a breeze with this new edition of the Kangaroo Point Heritage Walk booklet.

The well-illustrated 90-page volume will guide you on a two-hour amble around the locality’s heritage buildings and places.

You will not only glean important facts but also be charmed by the 20 short stories from people who lived and worked there.As the eight-year-old granddaughter of Arthur Deakin, Jane Deakin remembers the huge chains that held the ship back. “When it was launched these enormous chains pulled out to hold the ship in the river. The incredible noise was like thunder.

Kerry Geraghy lived with her parents above the family store (Reddels, where the NightOwl is now).“Mum did lunches for workers from Evans Deakin, Pullens Towing, Robb and Brown, and Peters Slip to name a few—all from the little kitchen on the premises at 188 Main Street,” said Kerry.

Long-time resident and retired architect Robin Spencer remembers an elderly Pixley Street woman who, in the days before ferries, needed to whistle for a boatman to row her across after dark. Being such a rough area they wouldn’t come for just anyone, but, she said, “They knew my whistle and would always pick me up.”

“The walk and the stories bring to life what many see as a foremost bedroom suburb of our river city,” said Austin Adams, NFDHS member and the Kangaroo Point local who has provided the impetus for the project.

Copies of this attractive publication are available from Mary Ryan’s in New Farm, and from Medley Fresh Market & Garden and the Story Bridge Hotel in KP.

For more information, email Austin on

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