Joshua Jeays made his mark

Saturday 22 May, 2.30pm — View the meeting here.

“IT would be a pleasure to share some of my research about Joshua Jeays, an important early resident and builder in Brisbane,” says Beryl Roberts, author of the book He made his Mark, who is to be the speaker at our meeting in May.  

Jeays started work in England as a carpenter, then in Brisbane he worked as a builder, architect and stonemason. 

He also contributed to civic life as a member of the first Brisbane Municipal Council, after which he was the fourth Mayor of Brisbane. Jeays Street in Bowen Hills acknowledges his civic work locally.  

The meeting is to be recorded and will take place on Saturday, 22 May, beginning at the later time of 2.30pm. There will be room for 100 attendees, and afternoon tea will be available. All are welcome. $5 (members $4).

Enjoy viewing the meeting here.

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