July Meeting: Discovering Lost Brisbane

Saturday, 23 July 2022 —— Enjoy the talk here.

IF a picture is worth a thousand words, then John McDonnell’s Lost Brisbane Facebook Community site, which is chockful of images of yore, is worth its weight in gold.

John can often be heard on Radio ABC 612, and he is to be guest speaker at the July meeting of the New Farm & Districts Historical Society.

 “I created Lost Brisbane in 2011 as a tribute to my father and grandfather, who told me so many stories about their childhoods in Brisbane,” said John. “After being overseas for 16 years, I returned to Brisbane in 2004 to find a city I could hardly recognise, so began my fascination with what life must have been like. The Lost Brisbane site is the result…”

Come and enjoy John’s address to be held at the Uniting Church Centre, 52 Merthyr Rd, New Farm, on Saturday, 23 July at 2.30pm. Afternoon tea is an absolute highlight. $10 (members $5). All welcome. —— Enjoy the talk here.

2 thoughts on “July Meeting: Discovering Lost Brisbane”

  1. I enjoyed the page lostbrisbane until the owner made an overtly white nationalistic statement and then banned anyone who even slightly challenged it. My post was ironic and larrikin in spirit so I can only guess it’s run by some white guy who has a dull 1960s basic education of the history of the country. Not exactly the actions of someone who enjoys ‘freedom’

    1. Desley Garnett

      Hello Tom

      I am glad you enjoyed the presentation on Lost Brisbane which showed many old photos of along Breakfast Creek Road from Newstead to Teneriffe. The Society does not take any responsibility for the personal comments the speaker may make.

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