Some years ago, the Kangaroo  Point Neighbourhood Watch group produced a Heritage Walk booklet detailing a trail around Kangaroo Point visiting the many existing heritage locations.  The booklet is available for a gold-coin donation. Try the Medley Café, next to Yungaba on the east side of Kangaroo Point (incidentally a great place for coffee or lunch).

A follow-up volume is proposed in the same style but this time with vignettes of past businesses and people showing the exact location of the business or of the person’s home. A criterion for an entry will be that a relevant photograph is available.

There were pubs, butchers, grocers, tilers, chemists—even a car assembly plant in a thriving community. We hope to bring the community alive in a short attractive volume.

If you would like to know more, please contact Austin Adams from the Kangaroo Point Neighbourhood Watch group —