New Farm “Riverwalk” Discovery Tour

30th April 2023

The history and stories of New Farm and Kangaroo Point, viewed from New Farm’s ‘Riverwalk’.

Join us for a 1.5 hr leisurely stroll along New Farm’s ‘Riverwalk’.

Be transported back to the 1800’s when the first sailing ships navigated the ‘River Highway’ delivering vital supplies for the European settlement.

Hear stories of the colonial families and their river-facing mansions. Their leisure activities included Sailing, Rowing Regattas and swimming in the River’s ‘netted pools’.

Learn about the establishment of industrial commercial/war-time ship building, and the construction of Brisbane’s Story Bridge – an engineering masterpiece.

View up close, private residences, trendy 1930 flats and contemporary multi-million dollar apartment complexes overlooking the River.

The starting point: Merthyr Road cul-de-sac near Griffith Street intersection.

The Walk concludes at Howard Smith Wharves – the world class entertainment precinct – until recently New Farm’s derelict shipping wharves.

Start 8 am – Finish 9.30 am | Bookings through Eventbrite here


Tour Guide: Santina Musumeci

Wait List for future Walking Tours: Email:



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