President’s Report – 25! It seems like only yesterday…

This is the perfect time to say thanks to those who had the foresight to start formally recording the history of New Farm and the surrounding districts via a gathering of interested people which resulted in the formation of the NFDHS.

David Hinchliffe will speak a little about this at the June meeting. We are also grateful to those who have volunteered on committees over the past 25 years.

We have grown from just a handful of interested individuals to a membership of around 230, an email distribution list of close to 1000, and attendance at public meetings of 90–140.

After 14 years, the meetings were moved from the Ron Muir Room because we had exceeded the capacity of that venue. Some months we are close to exceeding the capacity of Warner Hall, but we will just keep squashing in!

Committees are very important to every Society, but so are the members—for without them, there would not be a Society. We are so grateful for every contribution that each person makes.

Right now, we are looking for your contribution to our 25 Year  Project to discover locations and stories of corner stores and businesses over the past 120 years or so.

Whether your memory is from 60 years back, 30 years back, or from more recent times, it will help to form a picture of the changes in New Farm.

Teneriffe Festival | 6th July 2019

Speaking of volunteers, you are most welcome to add your name to the roster for our Teneriffe Festival stand on Saturday 6 July. Signing on for an hour or two gives you the chance to meet new people and enjoy all the fun of the Festival! There will be a clipboard in the courtyard at our June meeting.

Around mid-2015, a member said to me, “It would be great if the newsletter could be printed in colour”. That led to my asking Senator Claire Moore about the possibility of her office printing around 100 x 6-8 page colour newsletters each month—and Claire and her staff very generously agreed to do that for us.

Since then, we have also asked them to print our advertising posters. We are extremely grateful to Senator Claire and
her staff for so willingly and efficiently supplying this printing for us each month. We all know that Senators have busy lives supporting many community groups,so it has been great to have Claire Moore attend many of our meetings over the years, thus showing her support for the Historical Society.

Claire has also been very generous with lucky door prizes, our June meeting being no exception: some fortunate attendee will win the bottle of Irish Whiskey that she is donating.

Since Claire retires at the end of this month (she was elected a Senator for Queensland in 2001 and has held several shadow ministries), this is the last newsletter to be printed at her office. It is a fitting moment to offer her our very best, wholehearted wishes for her future.

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