When 20 was a crowd…

I was one of the early members of the Society — my brother-in-law, Tom Morrison, was on the original committee — so my sister Joyce and I were early recruits.So many interesting people with stories to tell.

We all looked forward to the fourth Saturday. I recall talks about Postcards from Abroad; the Lucas Papaw
Ointment Story which started in Moray Street; the ShellGrit Barges from Bribie Island landed at Maloneys in Welsby Street (the speaker was Audrey Maloney with whom I was in the same class at school), and lots of others.

We got excited when 20 or more came and there was a hunt for chairs. After the meeting there was a ‘modest’ afternoon tea, supplied by members. This was the forerunner to our now lavish spreads which are so beautifully provided and so well organised. This ‘after party’ is great as it provides members with the opportunity to mingle and discuss the afternoon’s presentation.

So long may the Society continue to flourish as it is a great asset to our lovely New Farm.

Happy Anniversary from June Tregear

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