Contributors to the Oral History Collection

The May 2023 meeting presented an opportunity to acknowledge two members who have contributed the most recent Oral Histories to the Society.

New member, Bev Bergstrum, assisted by her daughter, Elaine, recently completed her memories of growing up in the Kingsholme Street end of Villiers Street in the 1930s. Bev was featured in a recent article by Gerard Benjamin in My Village News (p 30) and this was reproduced in our May Newsletter.

Long-standing member, Jim MacDonald, recorded his memories in audio mode on a road trip with Gerard and these have been transcribed by Gerard in digital form as well. Jim recalled living in Oxlade Drive, and he was able to remember many of the buildings that once stood in various locations, along with the people who resided in them.

We thank Bev and Jim for the time and effort they have put into recording their memories and we encourage everyone to have a go at writing their own memories of New Farm. They could help present and future historians, not to mention being a wonderful memento for your families.

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