Teneriffe Festival Roundup

Glorious Brisbane autumn weather enticed the crowds to enjoy an exciting array of attractions and activities at this year’s Teneriffe Festival.

The Society had prime position to greet people as they arrived. It was a successful day with the opportunity to chat with many people about the history of Teneriffe. The display of photographs attracted quite a number of passers-by who were also particularly captivated by the ever-popular tram ride video. Many residents of the surrounding wool store apartments made a point of learning more about the history of their own particular residence.

Also well-patronised were the three circuits of the vintage bus tour where passengers were treated to the knowledgeable commentary of the guides Stuart Wallace and Gerard Benjamin. Thanks to the Qld Omnibus & Coach Society and their drivers and conductors for an enjoyable ride around Teneriffe. Pictured at right with Gerard are Driver John and Conductor Nigel.

After about 2-2:30 pm, the demographics of the patrons changed – that crowd were more interested in the music festival than history!

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