23rd February 2019

Guest Speaker: Caylie Jeffery

You’re renovating your old New Farm Queenslander and after you pull up the lino, you can’t help taking a closer look at the newspaper underneath which is in remarkably good condition.Suddenly, you’re shocked to see a photo of your parents’ wedding from 50 years ago!

That’s the kind of thing that happened to Brisbane writer Caylie Jeffery, except it was old bank books and money that she discovered under the antique lino of her 1912 Queenslander in Milton.

After she posted a photo of the items on Facebook in 2017, she couldn’t have predicted the seismic response from people with similar experiences.

You’ve probably heard her on ABC Radio.These days Caylie has more than 1,000 members in a Facebook group—and a book: Under the Lino: The Mystery, the History and the Community.

Caylie will be our speaker to start off our 2019 season. It will be your chance to show us what you have found under the lino!

 2-4pm | Merthyr Road Uniting Church Centre

Arrive early! Afternoon tea will be provided, and all are welcome.

For more details, please phone 0409 498 402