President’s Report – Leaping into 2019…

by Ross Garnett

Renovating  an old house can present many challenges and surprises.

When we renovated some 30 years back, our ‘surprise’ was the amount of oily soot that fell when we removed the sheeting off the ceiling – soot from many years of the Powerhouse billowing out smoke!

However, we didn’t find anything interesting as Caylie Jeffery did when she lifted the lino in her house. Caylie will tell us all about that and to where that discovery has led at our first meeting on 23 February.

Our March meeting will also focus on renovating as Emma Golder talks about the history of her house in Moreton Street and about the process of renovating it. We have a fascinating line-up of speakers for the rest of 2019.

Here is a taster for you:

  • Assoc Professor Martin Crotty will talk about those returning home from war. We often hear about the battles fought and lives lost in the great wars, but we do not often think about how returnees adjusted to life at home.
  • You pass Cathedral Square on your way to the city – Father Denis Martin will talk about the Holy Name Cathedral that was planned for that site, hence the name of that development.
  • Journalist Matt Condon will review some crimes in New Farm. That should be interesting!
  • Raconteur George Symons returns to entertain with more stories of his migrant forebears.
  • Our member, Ben Pritchard, who worked on the Urban Renewal of this area, will tell us more about how the transformation of our suburbs was planned.

I look forward to your continued support of the history of New Farm and surrounding areas.

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