In the early 1930s, the Gates Hygienic Laundry began operations in Teneriffe at 281 Harcourt Street and continued until the 1980s.

During WWII, the laundry did an enormous amount of work for the armed forces. The feature photo shows ‘emergency drying’, with every available surface—including the roof of the family home, as well as hedges, the front fence and a nearby vehicle—draped with drying blankets.

The company’s catch-cry was, “Let our phone line be your clothes line.” (Photos courtesy of JG)

This van (a Fordson E83W?) must have been a familiar sight around New Farm and the Valley in the 1950s.

The caption says, ‘27,500 pieces of linen in all, completed in five days’. Note the steep gables of the house at 288 Harcourt Street across the road from the laundry, as Flynn Brothers of Eagle Street handle the delivery.