28th September 2019

But for urban renewal in Teneriffe, the pleasing lines of buildings such as the London Woolstore (pictured above) may have been reduced to rubble.

The 1991 federal government initiative “Building Better Cities” prompted the creation of the Urban Renewal Task Force in Brisbane. 

“It coincided with the city fathers wanting to find the buzz of the next Expo-type experience—and to once and for all throw off the shackles of being a big country town,” says Ben Pritchard of Teneriffe, who is to speak at the meeting in September 2019 of the New Farm & Districts Historical Society.

“Was it controversial and divisive—or the renaissance we had to have, to misquote Paul Keating?” asks Ben.

Come and be reminded of what has come about in the last 28 years and decide if it has Built a Better City.

You can declare your verdict when Ben addresses the meeting on Saturday, 28 September, 2-4pm, at Merthyr Road Uniting Church Centre.

Afternoon tea will be provided. Bring along your friends. All are welcome.