Heal Street, New Farm

Heal Street was originally called Tamrookum Street, named after Tamrookum, a grazing property on the Logan River, near Rathdowney, acquired by Hon. William Barker, whom Barker Street was named after.

Barker held this property until his death, on 22nd December 1886. Barker had rented Shafston House in nearby Kangaroo Point, but later bought Nunnington, which had been built by the Darvall family. William Barker was a Member of the Legislative Council from 26th April 1861 to 22nd July 1863, when he resigned. Barker bought a parcel of land between James Street and Brunswick Street, and subdivided it for resale. Tamrookum Street later ran through it.

In 1880 there was a petition from local residents to the Brisbane Council to change the name from Tamrookum Street to Robert Street, but the name was objected to on the grounds there was such a street name in Spring Hill.

The Council approved the renaming of the street and named it after a current alderman, John Daniel Heal (1825 -1908) who had been a long serving alderman for Fortitude Valley Ward between 1870 and 1894, and mayor of Brisbane Council in 1879.

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