28th March 2020

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Here’s something very different for the meeting of the New Farm & Districts Historical Society on Saturday 28 March.

Come to enjoy an historic film in an historic theatre.

The main event is the 1940 classic comedy ‘Dad Rudd M.P.’ which includes familiar themes:

  • dams and water rights
  • a by-election
  • dirty tricks in politics
  • romance complications
  • a fierce storm, and
  • unlikely political liaisons!

Thanks to the generosity of NEW FARM 6 CINEMAS which has been an epicentre of social activity and pop culture since 1921 [formerly Merthyr Picture Palace, Astor Theatre, Village Twin Theatre], we bring you this unique experience.

The cost is just $12, including afternoon tea in the foyer following the movie.

It will be a great opportunity to have a chat and a laugh together. This is cheaper than your usual trip to the films—without afternoon tea included.

PLEASE NOTE! — Tickets to the film will be available at the Society’s coming meeting on 22 February for just $5 each.

This will be your only opportunity to purchase tickets at this greatly discounted price. If you can’t be at the February meeting, you can purchase your $12 tickets on-line through the New Farm 6 Cinema website, or in-person at the theatre prior to the day.

P.S. If you happen to arrive at the Merthyr Road Uniting Church Centre around 2pm on 28 March, you will find a polling booth for the Council Elections — which won’t be as much fun as a 1940s comedy experience!