Presidents Report – Your office holders for another year

Presidents Report – Your office holders for another year

by Ross Garnett

Many  thanks to those who attended the Annual General Meeting in August.

I have listed below the new committee for the 2017-2018 year.

Special thanks to Barry Martin as he retires from the committee. Barry has meticulously kept the membership list up to date for several years— however, you will be pleased to know that he is  not retiring from being the coffee man behind the counter at our monthly meetings.

We welcome Ben Wieland to the  committee. Ben was a great supporter  of the historical section at the Teneriffe Festival and he recently discovered that his  grandfather was a postman in the Teneriffe  area where he and his wife have purchased a unit.

The following were elected to the  committee for the next 12 months:

Ross Garnett (President), Phil Evans (Vice president), Bernadette Driessen (Secretary), Denise Buckby (Treasurer), along with James MacDonald, Ann Sargeant and Ben Wieland (committee members).

We look forward to another interesting year, and your suggestions to choosing speakers for our  meetings are always welcome.