AT our November meeting, we will again take a moment to think of others for whom life can be a bit of a struggle.

Our chosen charity this year is Trinity Pantry and your gifts of non-perishable food and toiletries will be passed on to the Pantry soon after our meeting so they can bring love and joy to more people at Christmas.

Trinity Pantry started out as a small help service for those who had simply didn’t have enough to eat or who had met with some temporary crisis and no funds. Over thirty years later, it is now a food assistance service providing for over 1000 people each year.

The pantry is entirely staffed by volunteers, and with only small amounts of state government funding, it depends entirely on donations and contributions of food to help others.

Here are some suggestions: Weetbix, 2-minute noodles, sweet biscuits, coffee, jam, peanut butter, vegetables in tins, fish in tins, spaghetti… I am sure you get the idea. However, they tell me they already have stacks of baked beans, so you could leave that off your shopping list.

All types of toiletries and of course, your cash donations will be appreciated. Meantime, why not add an extra item or two to your grocery list each week to prepare for your donation to the Empty Christmas Tree Appeal?