Russell Transport

By Phil Russell AS a boy, Phil Russell grew up in New Farm in the 1950s; here are some of his memories of that era. My father Roy Russell was a Master Carrier having commenced his business in Macquarie Street, New Farm, in 1925. By 1928 the business had grown to three trucks as depicted by

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The Wool Industry in QLD

By Lorraine Tomlinson, Dalgetys and The Australian Estates Wool Department Wool is the fibre that grows on the sheep, and lanolin is the natural fat that covers the sheep’s wool fibres. The industry was so important that in 1961 the Merino Sheep’s head was placed on the Australian Shilling and Queen Elizabeth was placed on

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Wool Valuing: Brief Memories of Eric Hauff, Wool Valuer and Auctioneer

In the forties, when I commenced work at “Primaries” there were nine wool brokers, or stock and station agents operating in Queensland: Australian Estates A.M.L & F (Australian Mercantile, Land & Finance) Dalgetys Fenwicks Goldsbrough Mort New Zealand Loan Mactaggarts Moreheads Primaries (The Queensland Primary Producers’ Association) Winchcombe Carson Of the above agents, “Primaries” handled

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Heal Street, New Farm

Heal Street was originally called Tamrookum Street, named after Tamrookum, a grazing property on the Logan River, near Rathdowney, acquired by Hon. William Barker, whom Barker Street was named after. Barker held this property until his death, on 22nd December 1886. Barker had rented Shafston House in nearby Kangaroo Point, but later bought Nunnington, which

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Oxlade Drive

The making of this street and its subsequent renaming was to end a long standing friendship. The Pearl King, James Clark, bought land in the southern part of the peninsular where his pearl luggers used to tie up. It encompassed the area from the River to what is now Elystan Road, between Bowen Terrace and

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