Teneriffe Festival Roundup

Glorious Brisbane autumn weather enticed the crowds to enjoy an exciting array of attractions and activities at this year’s Teneriffe Festival. The Society had prime position to greet people as they arrived. It was a successful day with the opportunity to chat with many people about the history of Teneriffe. The display of photographs attracted […]

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Report on May Meeting

By Jim MacDonald It is my pleasure and honour—as one of the almost 90 attendees—to offer some notes on the wonderfully entertaining talk given by Fay Rayner, very ably assisted by her daughter, Janne, regarding Rayner’s Butcher Shop. Why? Because as a child around 1940, I can remember being taken by my mother up to

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Harcourt Street laundry

In the early 1930s, the Gates Hygienic Laundry began operations in Teneriffe at 281 Harcourt Street and continued until the 1980s. During WWII, the laundry did an enormous amount of work for the armed forces. The feature photo shows ‘emergency drying’, with every available surface—including the roof of the family home, as well as hedges,

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Under the lino yields accolade

At the recent State Library of Queensland’s 2019 Memory Awards ceremony, the winner of the John Oxley Library Community History Award was Caylie Jeffery. You’ll remember that Caylie was our popular inaugural speaker for 2019. This prestigious honour came in recognition of her Under the Lino project for its innovating engagement in the documenting and

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